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National Alcohol Class
Dear Sir/Madam...I'm just writing this to express how happy i`m feeling not only by taking your course but for the exceptional service i have experienced with your esteemed organization.

I really appreciate you sending me an email and letting me know that my certificate had been shipped which gave me tons of relief for otherwise it would have kept me thinkinking when i would recieve it... But now i feel assured that i would recieve it on time.

It was a great learning experience taking your alcohol awareness class as it was simple to understand and grasp. I would certainly reccommend your organization to anyone. Rest assured you've got one more happy customer.
James N. — Orlando, FL
National Alcohol Class
I downloaded the certificate without any complications. Without a doubt, your program is one of the most user friendly online courses that I have ever used. Your prompt response to my emails and attention to detail is second to none.
Elizabeth R. — Colquitt, GA
National Alcohol Class
I took this class to fulfill my DUI requirement. I waited until the last minute, but fortunately, National Alcohol Class offered a program I could complete quickly and easily. They even set up my certificate to be downloaded instantly so I could print it from home. Thanks so much!
Chris K. — Irving, TX
National Alcohol Class
When I got the MIP citation I was pretty bummed out and kinda humiliated. It was so cool that I could do it all online. The customer service from National Alcohol Class was super professional and responsive. I was able to complete my 8 hour MIP class in a day and had my certificate the next day!
Claudia R. — Boulder, CO
National Alcohol Class
I live in one state and had a requirement in another. Had I not found this website, I would have had a huge problem getting this DUI class completed. In a matter of minutes I was registered and had access to my Proof of Enrollment form. I completed my 16 hour drug/alcohol class in about 3 days. I turned the certificate into court and my case was closed. Thank you again.
Marvin H. — San Francisco, CA