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Superior Quality and Completely Online DUI Classes in Florida

National Alcohol Class is rapidly becoming one of the nations leading providers for online drug classes, alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession (MIP) classes, and DUI programs in Florida. Our courses are routinely taken for court ordered requirements, DUI, school, work, personal and other legal needs.

Our courses are available completely online for Florida, and can be accessed instantly after registration. Instantly download your completion certificate immediately after finishing the class!

  • DUI Classes Online- National Alcohol Classes provides DUI classes that can be taken 24/7 from any device. Please get prior approval to take our DUI class for a court or DMV requirement before enrolling. Not all state DMV's or courts allow online programs for DUI's. States such as CA, NC, NJ, VT, TX, IA, FL and OR do not currently allow online classes for DUI requirements. Do not take this class for a DUI requirement for those states, and you must check with your local state DMV to ensure acceptability of an online program. You may be able to take this class for a court only requirement with prior approval.

  • Alcohol Awareness Classes- Most people take these classes for a court or legal need; these programs are easy to understand and can be completed safely from the comfort of one's home or office. Please get prior approval from the court before enrolling to ensure this online format will meet your specific requirements.

  • Drug Education Classes-We suggest you enroll in one of these classes for a requirement. Please get approval before enrolling to ensure the this online class will be acceptable for your specific needs.

DUI Classes

Register for 8 Hour DUI/DWI Class - $145
Register for 10 Hour DUI/DWI Class - $175
Register for 12 Hour DUI/DWI Class - $195
Register for 16 Hour DUI/DWI Class - $245
Register for 24 Hour DUI/DWI Class - $325
Register for 12 hour Wet Reckless SB1176 - $195
Register for 32 Hour Alcohol Class & AB541 - $395

Alcohol / Drug Awareness Classes

Register for 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class - $145
Register for 10 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class - $195
Register for 12 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class - $195
Register for 16 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class - $245
Register for 24 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class - $325

A Company You Can Trust

We have been an industry leading since 2003, offering innovative and easy to use online programs. We have been a proud member of the BBB in good standing because we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.

DUI's Carry Serious Consequences

According to, in 2018 there were over 10,000 fatalities related to drunk driving in the U.S. And, according to, in 2014 approximately 1.1 million people were arrested for DUI or driving while intoxicated charges.

Want to speak to a live agent?

We are happy to help answer questions, please feel free to contact our office.

What our customers say

“Taking this class for my DUI requirement took all the stress out of having to complete a class. This was a great company and a great experience” Sarah K. - Florida

Our Guarantee

We want our programs to help you. While our online programs can't be used for every possible requirement, we offer a full 60 day refund policy in the rare event our program is not accepted. To better understand our company policy and guarantee please click here: Guarantee.